ecocentric is one of the political personality dimensions examined in the political personality quiz. The opposite of eco-centric is human-centric. Environmental issues are difficult for politicians because the benefits of environmentalism are widely distributed (across many future generations) and the costs are localized (with polluters and resource extraction industries)


Eco-centric people tend to:

  • Recognize that other species have a "right to exist".
  • View the separation of humanity from nature as unhealthy.
  • Oppose consumerism, in favor of voluntary simplicity?.
  • Sensitive to ecological risks, and favor the precautionary principle
  • See a looming shortage of natural resources.
  • Favor the preservation and expansion of nature - less interference from humans.
  • Are suspicious of technological solutions to environmental problems.

Eco-centric views tend to oppose:

  • that humans have the ability to "manage" nature and overcome resource limitations.
  • that human needs take priority the needs of other species.
  • that there exists a tradeoff between the environment and "progress".
  • that staying competitive requires some sacrifices to the environment.
  • developing technological solutions to environmental problems.

Human-centered people tend to oppose:

Relevant issues

energy supply, overpopulation, environment, consumerism. Kyoto Protocol.

Statements used in the PPQ

  • Statistics can be used to prove anything.
  • It is immoral to raise prices just because there is a shortage.
  • Some individuals are just naturally at odds with each other.
  • Right and wrong is not just a question of logic.
  • It is right for the media to focus more on tragedies close to home, rather than tragedies abroad.
  • it isn’t fair to students that teachers often make test scores fit a “bell curve”
  • I'm more like Captain Kirk than Doctor Spock.
  • we can never really hope to be objective.
  • there are many correct answers to any one question.


  • Human civilization is the most important part of life on earth.
  • Future generations will be able to repair enviromental problems created by this generation.
  • You can’t expect people to give up their standard of living to preserve the environment.
  • Advanced technology will help solve environmental problems.
  • Nature is always changing, and can adapt to the changes humans make.
  • Losing species to extinction is just part of natural selection.

Statements proposed for the PPQ

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Comments and Observations

(add your remarks here) An eco-centric perspective acknowledges that there are limits on human rights and especially on capacities to dispose of all other species and ecosytems in nature. For instance, restricting humans to a particular carrying capacity. Ecocentrism has led some cultures to practice forms of infanticide? to remain within population carrying capacities. Most such cultures also practiced other forms of birth control? including abortion, though often these were undocumented and remained under the control of women. Clashes with human-centric perspectives are also common when considering natural capital uses and its conversion to natural resources. For instance, someone pondering the impact of sonofusion from an ecocentric perspective might be less relieved about the end of an energy crisis? and more concerned about the emergence of fusion ATVs, fusion logging machines, fusion fish draggers, and fusion helicopters or gyrocopters that can land anywhere in any protected area, so that humans can rape it. In large public wikis, the eco-centric perspective is held up mostly by anonymous trolls who oppose humans in principle, spending most of their time criticizing human traditions and practices, and very often, humanity itself. This would be reasonable if trolls were a distinct species, one disadvantaged by human incursions on their home ranges. Some known trolls have been known to advocate breeding such a responsible subspecies, far out in rural areas, or under urban bridges, so that humans can be left to rot in their decaying cities, talking stupidity to each other until the final collapse of their roofs on their foolish heads. The bridges, presumably, would be the last to fall.

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