A crony of a political party leader is someone who will do "dirty work" for them in exchange for that leader's protection and patronage.

For instance, to run smear campaigns, hide truth from sight, engage in libel chill, file false police reports, false regulatory complaint?s and so on. Sometimes called politics as usual, though politics is usually thought to involve more than this, such as actually authoring legislation or treaty terms.


  • G. Gordon Liddy was a crony of his leader Richard Nixon
  • Scooter Libby? was a crony of the Bush administration

What distinguishes a crony is their wholly uncritical and willingness to hide facts and lie for their leader. Loyalty is not essential beyond its immediate usefulness - cronies will usually shift to a new leader quickly if the old one loses power.


Cronies normally gather in a clique? around a leader. Usually the cronies are aware that none of them could actually take the leadership themselves, and so support a person who will ensure they receive patronage appointments, or other favors.

activities online

Online, a typical crony is easy to spot by their lack of imagination and their willingness to spin instead of answering to substantive concerns.

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