competition regulator

In most countries adopting a free market economic system, competition regulators have been created to prevent anti-competitive practices that are against the public interest. Because of imperfect competition? in the market, national governments around the world intervene in the market economy by drafting and implementing competition policy. Some of the reasons and objectives for government interventions are:

  • To respond to market failure?s.
  • To limit abuse of market power?
  • To preserve and stimulate the operations of competitive market
  • In certain situations, to limit foreign ownership? in order to create and cultivate domestic industry.

Government intervention may involve regulations to change the behavior of offending firms or result in orders to break-up firms or restrict the aqbility of companies to merge or buy other firms

In Canada the Competition Bureau is the federal competition regulator.

Canadian Bar Association: Competition Law Section(external link)
Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunication Commission(external link)
Competition Bureau(external link)
Competition Tribunal(external link)
Department of Justice(external link)
McMillan Binch: Canadian Antitrust Law(external link)

As (t)he forces of unregulated competition eventually destroy true competition, a substantial network of regulation is necessary to maximise genuine fair and sustainable competition. J. Disney.


The Basic Principle of Competition Policy(external link) - NetTel@Africa

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