community emergency response team

A community emergency response team (CERT) is a group of well-prepared? people who will respond, not react, and not panic, in a geniune emergency?. They are trained and ready to go.

They are not confused by spatial metaphor nor do they believe that panic is a virtue?. An intentional community always has a small group of just such people at its core. These are usually called the "core people?" -though that term is much more general than either CERT or intentional community. A better term is "executive".

A wide variety of different types of community-based teams exist. They vary widely based on how community itself? is defined, and some definitions are controversial, some not:
  • in a trade union? a flying squad? is considered to be a CERT from group POV? but as it may engage in illegal actions and a union is not a community from every political POV?, whether it is a CERT or not is debatable
  • a trolls nest is only a CERT if a text-happy epistemic community? is as valuable as a real community that shares risk of bodily harm?
  • a volunteer fire fighter? organization is certainly, obviously, and clearly a CERT. Use this as the best example.

To refer link en: wikipedia: community emergency response team(external link).

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