citizen initiative card

A citizen initiative card is a standard size business card? or calling card? on which are details of a citizen initiative, sufficient to interest those who want to become involved, or who might wish to attend a next meeting. It must be complete enough that it can be passed off without explanation to another even if there is no time to explain, or if someone has picked up the card for someone else.

The primary use of such cards is to remind people of URIs, of meetup?s or other live event?s, especially regularly scheduled ones, and get them to contact someone already involved. The secondary use is to spread a list of policy terms associated with the initiative so that people will begin to use them correctly and change discourse? around the subject (the strategy advised by John Ralson Saul?, Craig Hubley and other known trolls). A tertiary use is to spread awareness of other services, such as planetfriendly.net? or openpolitics.ca, that may be acting as portal?s for the initiative. By 2007 LP will need all citizen initiative?s to have such a standard card to advertise themselves, and openpolitics.ca itself with them. Complementing web services like the candidate portal.

Mike Nickerson used these cards to effect to advertise a definition of sustainability that helped advance the cause ofmeasuring well-being via the Canada Well-Being Measurement Act. His cards had an eight-point definition on one side, and contact data for himself on the other.

A larger postcard? size format was used by some candidates in the Toronto municipal elections, that made use of boldface type to highlight the specific terms on which they built their campaigns. The most effective literature of this kind was by Nicole Marshall?.

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