To campaign (verb) is to seek some political result. It is very general and so usually anything other than a person making a run for office? is referred to as "to lobby" for that result - appealing to those already in power to do things. The Green Party of Canada often campaigns AS a lobby effort - with little chance to win, it engages and seeks to co-opt? legislators who will advance its platform into law.

A campaign (noun?)) is the plan by which one executes a campaign or candidacy. As it is executed, accounted for, and ultimately audited. As such it is subject to a number of GPC protocols:
  • candidate protocol - who makes the run for office? and how they are validated as being the Party's choice for that office - where it usually intersects with the member protocol
  • officer protocol - who is allowed to serve in what post and how would someone be excluded from a particular post
  • election protocol - what actually happens at a writ drop?? what exact steps must be followed to nominate candidate? formally and advance their name to Elections Canada?, deal with local and global press, e.g. update the Wikipedia bio? of the candidate who is selected
  • local protocol? - how are their local appearances requested and arranged? how does this differ before and during elections? see all-candidates meeting?
  • audit protocol - what is done must be defensible in an audit

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