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by Craig Hubley

Authored? by Craig Hubley and reliably attributed?

See also Craig Hubley claims?


All solo work? published at openpolitics.ca:


feature essay?s he invites collaborative writing on:

green politics

Some operational essays on green politics referred? at GPC-LP, openpolitics.ca or livingplatform.ca:

Green Parties

Some proposals authored or originated by Hubley:

Other essays relevant to Green Parties:

for specific parties/elections

Green Party of Canada, 2004

Two interest group briefings for Green Party of Canada candidates during Canadian federal election, 2004:

Green Party of Canada, 2005
Others for Canadian federal election, 2006:

Green Party of Nova Scotia, 2006
And for Nova Scotia general election, 2006:


A great many other works relevant to Living Platform itself and open politics itself are influenced by the above or by Hubley's view. Hubley is one of many known trolls who prefers to do most of his work anonymously.

Accordingly, there are probably many works believed to be by Craig Hubley which are not, and those which are by him which are not believed to be. See Craig's list of links on the net(external link) which is more reliable than a google search on him.

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