Commitment to bioregional rootedness and organization is central to Green Parties in most places in the world: political organization must follow nature's organization, e.g. watershed? boundaries, to create borders free of gerrymandering? that are stable and put people who share concern with one ecosystem's health? into the same political unit to work on that directly.

A bioregion is defined in ecology according to a strict set of criteria. The term ecoregion is also in use, and biome?, to reflect specific different criteria - Earth has 867 ecoregions organized into 8 ecozones according to the WWF and NG.

A bioregional democracy is a model of government. A bioregional multi-member district is how bioregions are represented within larger political units.

The Nine Nations of North America? by Joel Garreau? is a famous work of bioregionalism. There is also evidence for bioregional tendencies in tribal languages of North America, in the field of anthropological linguistics?.

See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/bioregional_democracy(external link) for general reference.

It has proposed that Platform 2005 have at least Regional Platform addenda to reflect some varying concerns of Pacific, Mountain/North, Prairie, Great Lakes / St. Lawrence, and Maritime regions. This has yet to be decided.

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