as of 2006-02

as of 2006-02 some significant updates are required:
  • references to Liberal Party of Canada rule of Canada must be placed in past tense?, updated to reflect Conservative Party of Canada - it would be ideal to do this once the new Government of Canada is appointed? and the new list of federal cabinet? posts is clear - then the jobs that have disappeared or changed names can be appropriately dealt with and new job description?s updated
  • new issues regarding Hamas and the Palestinian Authority?, Israel post Gaza? and post Ariel Sharon? and the West Bank?, require more incisive definitions, e.g. of "Israeli settler?s" vs. ultra-orthodox Jew?s, of "Jihadis" vs. militant Islamist?s
  • related issues in Iran and Iraq? require updating as well especially given UN Security Council and IAEA? actions against Iran, and Iran being accused of interventions in Iraq
  • references to George W. Bush should be updated in many issues related to the term:illegal and political privacy? and so on, and subsidiary pages on the US NSA? and etc. added
  • some e-government stuff and the Alliant? standards need to be detailed as they're pretty central to practicing open politics itself

Also, as usual, things true as of 2006-01 and all things true as of 2005 must be updated.

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