anti-Zionist alliance

The Christian Science Monitor? reported in April 2006(external link) that an anti-Zionist alliance of Mideast governments had formed:
  • Iran's elected regime under Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, which continues to fund Hizbullah? in Lebanon? and Palestinian Islamic Jihad? in the West Bank?
  • Syria?'s unelected regime under Assad
  • Hamas, elected to head the Palestinian Authority? in Gaza?
  • Iraq?'s elected pro-Iran Shia regime and dissident parties

The state of Israel describes this as an axis of terror and makes relatively apocalyptic claims about its intent, most of which are shared by the Bush Administration, whose Secretary of State? Condoleeza Rice? has called for a common front? against Iran notably at the UN Security Council, as Western countries have taken against Hamas.

[+] first anti-US alliance of elected governments in Mideast

[+] issue: confronting the anti-Zionist alliance

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