all control verbs

This list is a subset of the living process terms and overlaps with the list of process terms used at openpolitics.ca itself. It must be kept up to date as new control verbs come into use on pages edited here.

The prepositions are common in page names but verbs are the core of any active ontology:

  • HTTP methods:
    • get?
    • head?
    • put?
    • post?
    • delete
    • options?
    • HTTP metas
      • propfind?
      • proppatch?
      • mkcol?
    • metas
      • patch?
      • copy?, e.g. copy page?
      • move?, e.g. move page?
      • lock? and unlock?, e.g. lock page?

(a REST protocol? supports only the above verbs).

  • technical command verbs
    • help - a meta, reserve for help with the website
    • edit page
    • comment
    • email - conventional email facility
    • mail? - conventional snail mail facility
    • fax? - ways to do a few of the above by fax
    • web - this web and its integration with that of halifax.ca or greenparty.ca - which it will eventually replace; see also next greenparty.ca? and next halifax.ca? and next gc.ca?
      • act? - action web form?s like this
    • text - ways to do a few of the above by text msg
    • call? - ways to do a few of the above by phone call
    • print? - material to print and widely distribute
    • chat - ways to connect with others by net chat, e.g. ICQ? perhaps using Trillian Instant Lookup
    • meet? - live meetings and other events where you meet people in person - see also wiki meeting
    • with? - live meetings and opportunities to discuss issues or work "with" specific people who have offered their time
    • ask? - questions and answers (also the /FAQ has answers to common questions)
    • media - media contacts and news/press releases
    • news - all notable news including our news
    • find? - facilities to find anything on the web related to these issues
    • search - conventional search facility
    • refer - all current references used in this web
    • cite - all current formal citations used in the initiatives as main sources of issue, position or argument
  • control verbs specific to citizen initiatives:
    • lobby
    • campaign
    • petition?
    • join initiative
    • start initiative?
    • become activist?
    • join party?
    • draft plank
    • ratify plank
    • define term?
    • chair - a meta, to take control of the process, as in Initiative Activist Chair? role, GPC Party Chair role
    • lead - a meta, about leaders and leadership on whatever issues the website has presented
    • we - who "we" are, including any overview of how new issues/leaders are s/elected (how "we" change")
    • IPA - current issues, positions, arguments within IH -
  • other verbs describing specific interactive interfaces or methods or protocols of feedback to which we defer:
  • the commit verbs that signal agreement between users - see separate list; some ways to signal such agreement are:
    • wear? - stuff you can wear with "our" name on it
    • gear? - other stuff we recommend to our supporters, e.g. green bay box
    • simpol? - current simultaneous policy opportunities
    • mayor? - our most recent open letter to city mayors, e.g. regarding municipal performance audits
    • run - running for office, what to know, what to do
  • reflexive control verbs describing some feedback:
    • next - what features we're going to add here next, or discussion of what will occur next, e.g. next Main Page, next GPC Leader?, next GPC Constitution
    • use? - user interface and usability features of imaginehalifax.ca - critically important to our partners because it indicates what we will change, and what will remain stable

See also all domain verbs? and list of policy terms.

subject implied by verb

Some verbs implicitly suggest that the action is being undertaken by a citizen or by an activist?, or by a candidate, faction, political party or some level of government. For instance, it is always a candidate who runs, and always a party or part of a party that runs a candidate.

human command verbs

In openpolitics.ca, a few control verbs describe actions of a citizen in the real world, as opposed to actions undertaken merely in the web service. Such verbs, like "arrest?" or "keep peace?" or "extradite?" or "deport?", are entailed by poltical position taking but are not directly performed by a party or faction participating.

For such verbs a command hierarchy is implied to be the subject of the action, typically the Government of Canada or some subordinate body enforcing its laws. This necessitates a completely different list, the list of all human command verbs issued in a command hierarchy.

Those verbs must be taken somewhat more seriously than the ones that simply refer to acts of communication or decision with no life-changing consequences. Tracking them is of special importance, especially when used in page names.

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