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US Democratic Party

The US Democratic Party, legally, is a loose affiliation of many campaigns, candidates, US state party? organizations, and US local party? groups - most municipal election?s in the US are partisan?, almost all have a Democratic full slate?. In any US election? this Party will present a candidate, even if it is for dogcatcher?. It parallels the US Republican Party? which does the same. The US presidential election, 2008 is almost universally expected to pit a Democrat vs. a Republican with no other candidate having any reasonable chance.

The Democratic National Committee coordinates these campaigns and deals with nation-wide fundraising and ethics of fundraising?. It speaks for the party as a whole and can strongly influence US Democratic Party presidential nomination?s, typically trying to steer the selection process to "term:electable?" candidates via the many US Democratic primary election?s. Their activities vary depending on where they are in the election cycle?, which in the US is quite predictable due to fixed election date?s.

Other projects formally affiliated with the Democrats:
  • Dean campaign, 2004?
  • Kerry campaign, 2004?

And informally:


Some comedian?s are unabashedly Democrats:
  • Al Franken?
  • Ellen De Generis?

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