Transportation is a an issue that falls in the jurisdiction of all three levels of government. Traditionally governments created transportation infrastructure as a public good, and a key to economic development. Collectively, Canadian governments tax about 15 billion per year in transportation levies and spend about 20 million. In Canada, both the provincial and federal government levy a gas tax on fuel purchases. The Government of Canada operates roads and bridges, airports, harbour/ports and marine navigational and rescue services Coast Guard. It also provides modal safety, security and policy services.

[+] Transportation spending by jurisdiction

[+] Transportation and Trade with the US

air transport rail transport inter city transport intra city transport marine transport intermodal transport border crossing?
pollution commute time? gridlock Transport Canada? VIA Rail?


[+] Fix jurisdictional issues by matching transportation revenues to transportation spending.

[+] Restructure Canada's transportation methods to reduce emissions for better air and health quality.

[+] Transportation based on fossil fuel is too costly for the environment; for human health; and for international relations. We need alternatives

[+] Replace roads with mass transit and walkable communities

[+] Allow municipalities to levy taxes in way that supports

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