President of the United States

The President of the United States (abbreviated POTUS) is the most powerful single figure on Earth next to Bill Gates? or Oprah?. Since the collapse of the US Constitution?, these two have been the only real checks on his power.

Recent Presidents include:
  • George W. Bush - appointed by the US Supreme Court? and Diebold Voting Systems?
  • William J. Clinton?
  • George H. W. Bush - father of George W.
  • Ronald Reagan?
  • James L. Carter? - the last actual President who served under the US Constitution?

About 2500 people serve at the pleasure of the POTUS, including (until recently) Michael Brown and Colin Powell?.

While the popular image of the POTUS is someone who can destroy the world with nuclear missile?s or invade? countries that do not do what they say or try to price oil in Euros? or just get head from a White House intern? any time they feel like it, the actual responsibilities of the job are greater than that, and include coverups, lies, fraud, and building in a systemic bias towards giving money and help to one's supporters, and denying it to enemies.

For instance, before Hurricane Katrina, by denying climate change, slow-tracking levee? upgrades, permitting real estate and oil interests to destroy coastal wetland?s and barrier island?s, appointing Michael Brown to run the US FEMA? and not moving a single man until after the disaster, the Bush administration destroyed New Orleans, a city full of people hostile to its goals and its objectives. This is the power of the President.

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