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Play Ethic

One of many on the list of process papers. Not much of a paper, though. Papers are no fun!

A Play Ethic is any version or statement of the conviction that making work activity more like games or play is the way to bring more people in and get much better results. So-called serious games are now common, and a regularly accepted feature of educational and training effort.

Some examples of applying the Play Ethic to politics itself include:
  • Eurocracy?
  • Diplomacy?
  • Civilization (board game?)
  • Civilization ((video game?)
    • variations: Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri? and Sid Meier's Alien Crossfire?
    • freeciv? - free software clone of Civ2 engine?
  • President Forever?
  • Prime Minister Forever

Within a political party, it may be desirable to replace the war room conceptual metaphor with a play room? or game room? metaphor to better express desire to de-escalate? conflict.

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