Platform 2005 process constraint

The Platform 2005 process faces several constraints that will shape it:

A participatory process: While other processes can certainly be devised that are more efficient at least in the sense of development time, the Green Party is committed, by its constitution and historical best practices, to practicing an open, participatory policy development process

An uncertain timeline: No one knows exactly when the next election will occur, theoretically the government could fall at any time when parliment is sitting. It is not sure that there even will be a Canadian federal election 2005.

Specificity of policy: The Green Party's commitment to ecological wisdom and nonviolence simply does not let it simply adopt policies that please its own members but fly in the face of evidence from ecology, sociology, anthropology or other sciences. Many key phrases used in policy are specific and cannot be altered, at all, not even punctuated wrongly, if they are to convey the right analysis or policy or approach.
  • position: Identifying these phrases and other terms early is very important and tends to constrain all other writing, so is best done very early, we need to know them up-front so they can subtly re-appear in several planks

Lack of resources: Currently the platform projects has been allocated one paid project manager and one paid researcher.
  • position: these must manage volunteer? labour, period - any other use of their time is a mistake and creates gatekeepers and bottlenecks; any paid researcher must spend their time training and vetting unpaid researchers - of which there are many available, see Wikipedia and Wikinfo for evidence
  • position: the GPC is over-investing in media team and web team which only present "the product", whereas Platform 2005 is "the product" that they sell; in this phase of the election cycle, media and web resources must be at the disposal of Platform and Research or at least the Outreach Committee? that identifies where the Party is growing and who to talk to next with what policy in hand, e.g. what interest group briefings must be written and publicly presented.

Lack of wiki skills: Apparently the GPC cannot even manage to write simple biographies of all 308 of its candidates in Wikipedia - only 22 such bios exist at the moment. Considering how far that content spreads, this is an indication that there is a serious lack of the skills required to increase google hit? count in GPC. However, some free workshops have trained people in tikiwiki already, so this can be overcome.

Unclear roles: The Platform 2005 Assembly, Outreach Committee?, Platform 2004 Development Committee, media team and web team overlap in responsibilities, and obviously so. They clearly cannot co-exist as silos doing whatever they want, they would require for instance key phrase coordination and some concept of strategic timing in common, at the very least in an election.
  • position: If they can't do this right under no particular pressure, they can't ever, so the time to stress-test their coordination is right now

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