Paul Martin

Paul Edgar Philippe Martin is the Prime Minister of Canada.

There are many biographies of him from various point of view which anyone can edit?

and others from a sympathetic point of view which only a trusted few can edit?:


As the PM of a G7 nation, there is probably no way to compile a list of all related issues for this person. However it is possible to identify closely related issues:
  • Liberal Party of Canada which he leads
  • Canada Steamship Lines Inc.? which he majority owns and has led - it is now run by his sons
  • Canadian democratic deficit? which he has sworn to end
  • Sponsorship Scandal/AdScam? which he called the Gomery Inquiry into
  • World Economic Forum? which named Martin to a "dream cabinet" in December 2001 under U.S. Secretary of State? Colin Powell? and UN Secretary-General? Kofi Annan? - which the Forum saw as top world leader?s.
  • open Paul Martin advocates and detractors?
    • youthformartin.ca?, a Liberal front group?
    • paulmartintimes.ca?, a trolls nest critical of him
    • flyourflag.ca?, a pressure group
    • Bono Vox, lead singer of the band U2 endorsed Martin at the 2003 Liberal Convention, but on April 23 2005 on CBC Radio's The House? Bono said that he is unhappy with Martin's lack of progress on aid to developing nations.


Known political associates of Mr. Martin, in his inner circle, include:
  • Scott Reid?
  • Scott Feschuk?
  • Steve MacKinnon?
  • John Webster?
  • David Herle?
  • John Duffy?
  • Tim Murphy?
  • Karl Littler?
  • Mike Robinson?
  • Tom Axworthy
  • David Smith?
  • Ralph Goodale
  • Jason Cherniak?

Having switched parties at his behest, Ussal Dosanjh?, Tom Manley, Belinda Stronach and Scott Brison are though to be especially useful to him.

Martin's best known enemies are Warren Kinsella and Sheila Copps.

List of known persons associated or linked with him, willingly or not, whose activities are tracked at openpolitics.ca itself:
  • mentor Maurice Strong
  • ex-boss Paul Desmarais? of Power Corporation?
  • former business partner? Laurence Pathy?
  • ex-boss Former Prime Minister of Canada? Jean Chretien
  • current Finance Minister of Canada? and potential leadership successor? Ralph Goodale
  • cabinet peer and Liberal Party of Canada leadership? rival? John Manley
  • cabinet peer and Liberal Party of Canada leadership? rival? Sheila Copps

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