Pacific Coast

The Pacific Coast has special concerns. As British Columbia borders the Pacific these can be considered British Columbia issues that are wholly under federal jurisdiction. See Atlantic Coast?, Great Lakes? and Arctic?s also.

all "sustainable" ?

In Canada all Pacific coastal development is represented as sustainable development except the use of draggers for ocean fishing and oil exploration? and extraction subsidies.
during election NDP position? Liberal position? Green position? Conservative position?
Canadian federal election, 2006 - in context with other issues no change promised improve preparation for tsunami?s no change promised no change promised
Canadian federal election, 2004 oil issue?s - in context with other issues BC NDP leader open to inshore oil and gas exploration under some conditions; federal NDP position unclear retain moratorium on BC inshore oil and gas exploration? retain moratorium on BC inshore oil and gas exploration?; encourage oil and gas drilling in lower Fraser Estuary from Wreck Beach south to US border, including two bird sanctuaries
Canadian federal election, 2004 ocean issue?s - in context with other issues ensure fleet separation? as on Atlantic Coast? no change full participation in bioregional stewardship and marine protected area?s with similar standards to Gulf of Maine?; work toward global oceanic stewardship; commit $50M to conserve spawning rivers of Pacific coho? and sockeye? revitalize coastal fishing communities with transport?, incubator?s no change;
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