New Democratic Party

unique structure

The New Democratic Party is a single monolithic institution with a unified membership between its Canadian federal political party, a legal fiction called New Democratic Party of Canada, and its provincial and territorial counterparts. Those which hold seats at present:
  • New Democratic Party of British Columbia?
  • New Democratic Party of Saskatchewan?
  • New Democratic Party of Manitoba?
  • New Democratic Party of Ontario?
  • New Democratic Party of Quebec?
  • New Democratic Party of Nova Scotia?

One cannot join or become an NDP candidate for any of these, or the smaller parties in other provinces and territories, without joining at both levels. Likewise, provincial parties can suspend or eject members without consulting the federal party. See Buzz Hargrove? and David Miller below.


New Democratic Party related issues:

  • suspension of 41-year member Buzz Hargrove? by the NDP-ON? for advocating strategic voting to keep Paul Martin's Liberal Party of Canada government alive with NDP support - the party's own objective
  • pressure to likewise revoke NDP member?ship of David Miller for endorsing John Godfrey, a Liberal
  • negative publicity for Jack Layton for failing to limit these actions and the bad publicity
  • exploiting a rise from 18 to 29 seats - a 52.6% rise, and 1.8% popular vote? rise in the Canadian federal election, 2006 - to 17.5%
    • continued vulnerability of the ten seats gained with a very small shift in the vote
  • raising 2,590,808 votes above 3 million

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