Natural Capitalism

Natural Capitalism is an influential theory of green economics, industrial ecology?, industrial design?, industrial strategy? and full cost accounting presented in a book by Paul Hawken?, Amory Lovins?, Hunter Lovins?. The entire book is readable online at http://natcap.org(external link).

It proposes four strategies to achieve maximum energy and materials savings:
  • biomimicry? - copy the best practices found in nature
  • convert product to service? wherever possible to create a unified (service economy)) - no "commodities" or "products" exist - only a pyramid of services based on nature's services and state services and assumed/implied product stewardship?
  • energy savings bond?s and material savings bond?s that permit direct external investment in capital assets that lead to energy and material savings - paying off investors over time
  • industrial ecology? - locating industries near others that accept unused outputs of other industries - waste as a resource? assumed, and enforced by very high disposal cost.

It also presents some arguments re: the price of Earth and the fact that "we", humans or our corporate proxies, cannot afford to replace the capital assets we are presently wasting.

The methods were heavily influenced by Natural Step and the division into consumable/recycleable/unsaleable? goods.

This is a cite link. See also the GFDL corpus article on Natural Capitalism(external link), and the entire text of the book at natcap.org(external link).

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