NATO abbreviates North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the alliance that stood against the USSR? until the dissolution of that entity in 1990.

The United States?, Canada?, Norway?, Belgium?, France?, Netherlands?, United Kingdom?, Italy?, Austria?, Germany? have been members since the organization was formed. Turkey? is also a member. Yugoslavia? was until it dissolved. After the USSR's fall, Poland?, Hungary? and other Eastern Bloc? nations joined. A major issue was the entry of Ukraine?. For more on the organization's history refer link en: wikipedia: NATO(external link).

Very controversially, NATO invaded Kosovo? in 1999. Also controversially, in 2003 it took control of the Afghanistan occupation led by the US and UK in 2001 - so that they could focus on invading Iraq?.

issue: should Canada remain in NATO?

[+] position: no, it's obsolete

[+] position: yes, it provides regional stability

[+] position: yes, with Turkey and Ukraine it acts to prevent destabilization of Europe from Russia or the Muslim world

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