MutantMaps Firefox toolbar

The MutantMaps Firefox toolbar is a web browser toolbar that makes it easy to shift between map servers(external link) without losing information about where? you are located, i.e. the shift preserves longitude, latitude, zoom? level.

As of 2005-11 the supported map server?s included: Google Maps?, MSN Virtual Earth?, MultiMap?, TerraServer? and 192.com?, along with 'mashup' sites such as the examples at googlemapsmania(external link). One of these lets users avoid speed trap?s using information exchanged by drivers in the UK. This is a good example of how Troll Age systems work, enabling scofflaw?s more than authorities. Such a toolbar is called a trollbar? by Craig Hubley.

The candidate portal of openpolitics.ca itself could make good use of exactly this capability.

Refer link from the developer(external link)

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