Message Team

The Message Team finds ways to reinforce terms in the list of policy terms - especially in press releases and candidate speech?es and Answers to Questionnaires - and turn the list of platform proposals into sound bite?s.

The Media Team carries the message to the public via mass media?. The Outreach Team listens to the public's response to the message via more disciplined means, e.g. Rank a Plank, focus group?s, open policy conference?s, mark up and mail bank?.

deep framing of answers

Its most important responsibility is to particpate in answer recommendation - for instance, to prepare the party policy comparison chart? and keep it updated during the election. This is used mostly in all-candidates meeting?s to respond to other parties' proposals and change the public's view of the issue/position/arguments that are relevant - to a view more compatible with that advanced by the GPC itself.

All of this gets journalists, opponents and the general public using the party's terminology in their own discussions. This is the only way to actually achieve any legislative advances or to advance the vote, according to psychologist George Lakoff (whose book Moral Politics outlines the basic principles and deep framing approach now informs the GPC's strategy).

tests Platform

The most important GPC Party Platform tests in 2005 will be those that establish that there are several simple messages heavily reinforced in the vocabulary and conceptual metaphors of the platform and policy FAQ. The Outreach Team must reinforce these further in interest group briefings and more specific Answers to Questionnaires. The Media Team must learn these, and use them to reinforce the party's major strategic initiatives, in the press releases.

before, during, after

Before election?s, the research centre, editing centre, copywriting centre, lp:design and IT centre in that order work to reinforce and expand the work of the Message Team.

During elections, the press centre and/or war room is primarily responsible for handling the messages.

After elections end, they participate in feedback that helps to identify what did and did not resonate with the public, press and other parties - for instance, to ensure the best Answers to Questionnaires are fed back via the position protocol.

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