LP directive

An LP directive tells users what to do. It is similar to other invitations todo things. If the users do not do what the directive tells them to do, it will be repeated on the todo page. It may be done for them after a reasonable waiting period, by any LP:insider. Any mistakes or expense involved in explaining or undoing such action under administrator guidelines will be at LP client expense, or logged at LP:done as a favour to particular involved LP client?s.

Such directives are a wiki best practice, and were pioneered at Wikipedia, e.g. to mark neutrality dispute?s, stub?s, etc. Current LP directives include:
  • bad page name
  • bad user name?
  • commercial POV marked to let author replace withneutral POV
    • hide spam? if there is any reason not to immediate delete
  • move only tells users to move content of one kind elsewhere but leave everything else - this is the minimal refactor
  • refactor indicates that several pages must all be rewritten
  • change with? tells users to change something when something else out of LP control changes
  • tikiwikify? (note: this is not the same as wikify as tikiwiki does not meet the wikitext standard, nor the same as tikify? which might imply tikiwiki menu?s are being created )
  • disambiguate especially preceding an open link
  • please cite? asks for a reliable cite link
  • please link? asks for any refer link available
  • copy that page? usually defers to a prototype and refers to the page style?

There are also OP directives which look a lot like this:

Show php error messages