LP client

An LP client has the following priveleges:
  • Create an alternate Main_Page or portal?, e.g. Main Page Green for use by that client and/or allies
  • Create user group?s but only if they can control them and keep a user group page? or faction page? up to date, and avoid causing unexpected failures to other users - see tikiwiki flaws for a list of major issues
    • Specialize how our LP looks to that user group
  • Protect page?s in public namespace - with names following the naming conventions - that express that client's own uniquely-named platform proposals, whole party platform, press releases or other controlled public information. This capability should be used mostly to present materials for final publish review. Only a protected page can be affected by the publish menu?.
    • Create about page?s to describe their group and its plans and proposals and news, that are essential promotional - however these will always be clearly marked if they present anything other than neutral point of view or a multiple point of view such as an IPA.
    • Create journal page?s
  • Create private pages that do not affect namespace - ideally using name prefix?es that affect nothing else, e.g. EV Car Co-op? where EV is not the name or abbreviation of a country, state or province.

Any user can create a user page which is like an about page? and user talk page which can function as a journal page?.

Additional capabilities that will be added as soon as possible:

Prior to the LP launch 2005-09-01 every LP client is on an LP client free trial but with varying degrees of support.

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