The LP:layout is an important element of LP:design. In tikiwiki layout of the page (excluding what is developed in the wiki page content itself) is created by the CSS? or as tikiwiki calls it, the theme?.

See OP:layout for layout of openpolitics.ca itself.

The LP:design CSS must be capable of accomodating this design without change.


see: LP:layout constraints

radical simplicity

If this one is fine, then, the rest are obsolete. The next open politics toolbar and next Living Platform toolbar and using LivingPlatform.CA logged in as tikiwiki module? should be updated to look like it:



ugly-lookin' dual-toolbar control style

__This layout is ready for LP:design css and will be stable for at least the rest of 2005 and all of 2006. Setting it in stone for the next twenty months is the only way to produce stable instructions and design innovation.''

The command grammar (words with specific semantics and
functions) will thus be stable by May 1 so that a clear stable division of function between open politics foundation and Living Platform itself can be expressed in all LP controls.

warning: mockup obsolete

Though it is good enough to design a CSS, this mockup is obsolete. There are four features not shown properly that will not affect CSS - these are correctly shown in the toolbars and modules below: my watchlist? and watch page i.e. "watch this" when using LivingPlatform.CA logged in as a specific user (you can't watch unless you login?), recent changes being visible as a superscript in the Living Platform toolbar, "email page?" replacing "watch page" and the LP client header?:

header (not shown)

  • a pretty LP client header? like the current Living Platform header? can be there for certain LP client domain?s, and can be put above the toolbar.
    • There are also ways to use this to learn things, which is a way to help people using LivingPlatform.CA anonymously - for instance, using LivingPlatform.CA as student of ethics?" could appear in the header for those instructions
      • SHOW SAMPLES OF THE HEADER USED TO instruct user?s, using a web banner ad? format, which is easy to produce
  • ideally the header changes completely for each LP client, that is, a person working for GPO, sees a GPO-specific header with a logo (but not necessarily any GPO slogan nor brand ethic), and gpo.livingplatform.ca or whatever this LP client domain? is.


THE ABOVE OBSOLETE MOCKUP is fine for LP:design CSS but not exact positioning or the feature list. See below:

all LP controls that affect layout

THE BELOW ARE NOT OBSOLETE and can be implemented now:

open politics toolbar

The open politics toolbar is a control element so it should be rounded, like all registered modules and all anonymous modules. Both the open politics toolbar and living platform toolbar when they become web browser toolbars must ultimately be grey due to Windoze limitations - moving to greyer tones for these things helps make them look like part of a toolbar and get people used to the idea that these are not features of LP but of the next open politics web itself


The open politics toolbar is basically a find bar?

living platform toolbar

The Living Platform toolbar will ultimately operate across many domains - LivingPlatform.CA itself but also livingplatform.org?, livingplatform.net?, lp.gpo.ca?, etc., and cover many purposes so terms of use and URI will vary.


As shown here, "recent changes" must be more prominent, a superscript just above and to the left of "livingplatform.ca" saying "recent changes to" is well
placed and balances the subscript for "terms of use" on that toolbar. The scope of the changes depends on which scope (".ON.CA", ".TO.CA", ".CA", ".ORG", ".NET", ".AU") of Living Platform is in effect - there might even be multiple)

  • HARD TO SEE that the "livingplatform.ca/" must be obviously lowlighted as a raster background? - the rendered text? begins only after the "/" and should ideally have transparent spaces so that the subtle rasterized underscore is seen as part of page titles in a standard wiki URI, e.g. Green URI; this is the only way to make a URI easy to read without distracting from the page name. The slash also should be lowlighted similarly, and any colons in the page name - it is possible to do this just by changing those characters in the font used for titles, or, hardcoding namespaces - so that a different raster appears for User:? and LP:? and position:? - which is probably very desirable

Most of what the LP toolbar does remains closely associated with the current version's page content:
  • a copyright notice? is accessible when viewing a particular version of an article but when viewing page history, doing an edit, etc., it is not, the word "save page?" or "by" should appear there, as you are actually changing the article (and possibly the copyright and author?, say from sole work? to collective work?.
  • to post comment?s can remain as a command verb but it may adds content to a talk page when the user hits discuss? - see commenting
  • if one is not watching a page, clicking "this" watches it - if one is already watching, it's a checkmark and clicking it unchecks it and replaces the word this, as in "watch this? page".
    • one sets how to watch pages, e.g. "email me? with changes" separately per user, and not per page - so the email option no longer appears - though the watchlist is easily accessible and is obviously and cleanly associated with BOTH the person using LivingPlatform.CA logged in as whatever identity, AND the page - watching is where pages meet people and layout must make it obvious
  • preview? shows the exact fax or printed page intended - note that printing might be a very sophisticated operation involving sending something to a print shop? for web press?
- to send a page directly to a representatives and civil servant?s, e.g. all members of parliament - this is a commonly used feature and will also appear as an option when previewing or trying to print.

using LivingPlatform.CA and _for_client menus

The "using" and "client" menus are associated with open politics not Living Platform and should be so coloured as to make that obvious.

using LivingPlatform.CA logged in as


What Wikipedia calls "user contributions" is encapsulated into a prefix called "by", as in "by Craig_Hubley?". If the page is by? a particular user, that is, it is a sole work?, that can be signalled very easily by putting the word "is" on the page, just as "watch" goes on the page.

fat stupid dual-toolbar

This proposal comes a distant third. It has almost all the features but is dysfunctional graphically by being "fat":
  • the whole layout has unnecessary lines that, among other things, separate the page title? or page name - these might actually be different and simply muddy the design
  • ((open politics toolbar)
  • Living Platform toolbar
    • recent changes is not clearly recent changes to livingplatform.ca?
  • page viewed? is correctly squared, but not shadowed
    • there is no single simple line connecting "watching" to the "watchlist" to the account name doing the watching - still less making that all readable in one sentence - putting "watchlist" of the current user immediately to the right of the watch option MATTERS - DO IT
      • "ing" is not clearly watch this page? - it's also not clear how someone who does not know HOW to watch pages learns how - better to show how it looks when you are NOT watching. Anyone who is already watching knows how to watch, so the stress is on PEOPLE WATCHING NOTHING YET
      • "watch" vs. "watching" is acceptable and reasonable and "watch_as" vs. "watch/ing as" works fine.

This design is also dysfunctional by not having all features or not explaining them, making it "stupid"
  • none of the attribute?, thank?, sort?, rank? nonsense at the bottom is explained anywhere - WHAT IS THAT?!?
    • create a separate bottom LP controls? page to mimic top LP controls if you really care to explain it, else get rid of it
  • open politics toolbar simply will not function
    • no place to type in the actual text being searched for
    • doesn't actually implement the intended scopes of next open politics toolbar
  • living platform toolbar made fat and stupid:
    • doesn't go all the way across the page as a web browser toolbar always does - why not? It is applicable to framed pages, e.g. when get wikipedia works
    • it shows no related changes? or recent changes to links? which is an extraordinarily useful feature at Wikipedia and other large public wiki - often the difference between success and failure
    • no prominent copyright notice? which may differ per page - terms of use alone is insufficient
    • the near-worthless word article is taking up space and attention when it could be very easily de-emphasized or dual-used as in
      • is this going to sometimes say definition or question ? What does it say when you're editing?
        • in the interface that edits an article that you are not watching, what does this look like? where is the copyright? if you click on it while editing what does it say? how do you know what rights you have in what you are writing? do you need a lawyer first?
      • recent changes to article? - another way to say page history or version?s that doesn't introduce new words, and might stick if only because it cuts all control verbs down a bit and lets version be used for published version?s not minor edits, history for history
  • logged in as module? is the ordinary tikiwiki module? that has some serious problems
    • no way to access the user contributions? or actions by USERNAME?
  • neglect of new user priorities:
  • total neglect or incomprehension of basic power user? priorities:
    • exit to? is not prominent and so likely won't be used, making it impossible to automatically report time logs
    • fax to? is gone
    • print preview? is gone


move only older versions (OBSOLETE) to LP:layout_rejects

This and all LP controls are based on living ontology and CC-by-nc-sa by the ECG

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