Hollywood role

The Hollywood role org pattern extends beyond actors as defined in the specific script?. A reflexive view of Hollywood requires one to consider the various controlling and founding roles as if they, too, were being "cast":
  • the writer? produces the script, sells it, and gets lost
  • the producer? is the person who lines up funding and maintains relationships - they do not write scripts but may participate in script rewrite? when scripts have failed
  • the director? has all working control of the set and subordinates such as the tech director? and art director? and cinematographer? and sound director? and composer? or other soundtrack artist? - they are not directly answerable to the producer except on timing and budget
  • the star? is actually the person who attracts the gap finance? which gets the film made

Typically, a producer finds a script, attracts a director with it, who can attract a star, who attracts the financing.

If a producer goes on a set and tries to tell the director how to direct, or demand that the director produce some kind of textbook on film direction for several hours per day while the director is trying to actually direct a film, the producer may well be killed by gunfire. California is like that. No one would actually have "seen" anything in this case. Producers are easily replaced. Directors aren't.

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