Heritage Arts Culture subcommittee

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Welcome to the Heritage Arts and Culture Subcommittee

Role: The HAC subcommittee develops planks for the platform that relate to: culture, multiculturalism, heritage and the arts.

Subcommittee Chair: Katie Boudreau

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2004 Planks (to be updated)



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2005 Planks to Develop

Film and Television?


Visual and Performance Arts

Literary Arts and Publishing?

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Responsibilities of the Committee

  • to develop planks regarding cultural issues, our heritage, and the arts in canada.
  • to look ahead and prepare press releases on upcoming events and legislation
  • to educate GPC members on policy issues and upcoming events.
  • to monitor and evaluate other parties planks and proposals.

Committee members__

All subcommittee members should be registered with the gpc-culture listserve, you can view the members list there.

Committee Listserve

send mail to: gpc-culture@yahoogroups.ca
gpc-culture yahoogroups page http://ca.groups.yahoo.com/group/gpc-culture(external link)


This committee has not scheduled regular teleconference meetings. Watch the listserve for notices.


This committee hasn't held meetings yet (whew!) . When meetings are held, you can put links to them here.

Canadian Heritage Department(external link)


- reconcile copyright? positions for creative or fictional works with Industry Technology Communications subcommittee on less creative or more functional works.

- clarify role of Share Alike and consortium license?s and guild?s in the maintenance of heritage arts

- reconcile support for heritage worker? and artisan? role in the economy with labour positions and income tax? position
- integrate position papers like City as Art and related more local material like Halifax green arts plank(external link) and http://www.seedwiki.com/page.cfm?doc=HRM%20green%20platform,%202004,%20rainbow%20plank&wikiid=3339 Halifax green rainbow plank(external link) and Halifax green heritage plank(external link) - good HAC material is local material that was already approved by the locals!

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