Green URI

(See uniform resource identifier)

A Green URI is

  • short
  • easy to remember
  • implemented in Living Platform and GreenParty.CA and provincial Green Parties by mod_rewrite? or some similar technical method
  • highly unlikely to generate any kind of browser error
  • as consistent as possible across all languages, globally
  • as consistent as possible between all Global Greens? who use one language, ideally, identical with respect to the terms used to describe actual policy?, e.g. product stewardship? vs. extended product responsibility? vs. service economy - eco-syndicalism vs. sustainable trades - which is best? pick one and stick to it - see also modular open content? and Wikipedia namespace? for detailed issues here

See http://hubley.org/green/URIs.htm(external link) for a summary of key points from one such proposal. See naming conventions for international Green Party policy for a copy of that proposal.

See URL and 404 Problem for a more detailed statement of the problem, unwisely mixed with a detailed solution statement.

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