The GPO:plan as mirrored and tracked and enabled by Living Platform itself will be controlled on this page.

See LP:plan as a general guide for how to organize this. This is still evolving. Some best practices:
  • Summarize GPO:2005 events, GPO:2005 resolutions so that the deadlines that are already planned will appear.
  • Link to by 2005-09-01 GPO will?, by 2006-01-01 GPO will?, and less exact timelines like by 2007 GPO will, by 2009 GPO will?, to signal any GPO commitments that you want tracked by LivingPlatform.CA itself.
  • Summarize predicted event?s like the ON electoral reform referendum, 2006? or near-certain ones like the ON municipal elections, 2006? and ON general election, 2007?, in LP main namespace? to help identify timing constraints that will drastically affect the GPO:plan.
  • Follow naming conventions as closely as you can, and all name precedents
    • by 2005-05-01 LP will? summarize all name precedents for political party? use and work towards more conventions that are for GPO? specifically

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