Finance and Economics Documents

this is a bad page name - if you prefer economic research? or economic and finance research? then move this and leave a link. Since these are external links to credible material they are best made separate cite links eventually:

Recent Papers(external link) by Herman E. Daly, University of Maryland School of Public Policy, on ecological economics - which he defines as "steady state". Some authors claim this is already part of human development theory.

Resources for the Study of Social Capital(external link) - "social capital" is the economist's jargon for how communites, families, values and social norms interact, contribute to well-being and influence society. In economic use it treats these "trust relations" as a capital asset. It is a contested term but is generally considered to be central to human capital analysis as it is a financial capital substitute.

Economic Platform(external link) of the Green Party of the United States

Center for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy(external link)

Ecological Tax Reform(external link)

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