Finance Team


The Finance team designs policy and procedures for the administrative and financial branches of the party. The team identifies and prioritizes goals on a quartely basis. The team mobilizes & coordinates staff & volunteer resources to meet the goals defined.

The team must include the Chief Agent of the party and the current Elections Canada Rep. The must ensure compliance with all applicable laws dealing with political parties (Elections Canada?), labour, etc.

The Finance Team is led by the Chief Agent and a staff manager. It has a budget envelope assigned to it as passed by council. It reports/passes recommendations when necessary to the ERCT.

Policy Branches
Human Resources Policy - staffing
Finance Policy? - reporting, budget, banking, controls
Administrative Policy? - office, membership DB, public inquiries, party records


John Anderson - Chief Agent
Matthew Clarke - Office Manager
Lise Racicot - Party Treasurer
Melanie Ransom - Member - Fed Councillor
Diana Nunes - Financial Administrator
Andy Shadrack - EC Rep


Finance Team Goals

Current Action Items

Matt C: New Goal: managers to draft job descriptions - need HR person (done)
Matt C: encrourage secretary keep track of council resolutions, including numbering resolutions (DONE, Roger agreed)
Matt C: NEW Goal: Review status of deposit returns — begin actively tracking outstanding loans down? (DONE)
Matt C: add recordkeeping duties to Administrative Coordinator position in office (Done)
Matt C: to encourage FRC chair to take on wiki development. (DONE)
Matt C: Setup staff area in wiki or memberzone. (Done)
Andy: forward EC rulings to Records Person
Andy: report back on state of PD's and other agents
Andy: follow up with Jim on employment in his office
Andy: send PD letter to John for comment
Diana: Contracts: John Anderson's signature on everything.
Diana: consult with John A on finding deposit info in QB file (DONE)

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finance team meeting 2005-02-07 - Complete
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