ECG Master fiat

This is a proposal to appoint an authority. Untill approved by the LP steering committee ECG Master fiat applies only to a very limited number of issues.

The following footer tag indicates ECG Master fiat was invoked, subject to steering committee review in toto. Note: acceptance of this fiat is a condition of living ontology use for all LP controls. If the fiat is not acceptable, then, all Efficient Civics Guild contributions will and must be removed from this project permanently. The notice of its invocation is:

removal of this content was by ECG Master fiat as required to maintain integrity of living ontology.

Any ontology relies on making certain fundamental distinctions. Confusion of those distinctions, or the operational distinction?s that are entailed by them, is akin to an infection in a living body. In such bodies, there are membranes, markers, and signals that must be reliably processed by other living organs reliably, else the entire body collapses and dies. An ECG Master is a person certified by Efficient Civics Guild to recognize such disastrous crossed signals and failures and remove them, immediately and without recourse, negotiation nor debate. These things are much worse than wiki vandalism because they have far more potential to spread.

Examples include:
  • confusion of what a user signs? - noted by _user_signed tag near a commit verb - with mere mention or discussion of that person, as user or otherwise
  • any errors whatsoever in time interval or time horizon markers - without reliable linking and tokenizing of these, it is impossible to coordinate LP:plans
  • any errors whatsoever in mention of, or claims about, an entity within itself - mention is not linked to itself, claims are - see Living Platform itself and LivingPlatform.CA itself
  • accountability and attribution errors that seem to assign responsibility for something to someone other than the person responsible, see blame maker?

These examples are not comprehensive. There are many small errors of naming conventions or otherwise that might require such fiat. However content will only be removed from sight with the above tag when:
  • accepting an equal power relationship on the matter at hand will cause degradation of the corpus or the interface
  • there are clear conventions already in place, e.g. name precedents or at least working tokenizable conventions

Any exercise of ECG Master fiat more than once to do the same thing is normally charged for at full retail ECG fees.

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