British Columbia issue

Major British Columbia issue?s, events, persons:

As raised in the British Columbia general election, 2005 by the Green Party of British Columbia:

– Re-establish BC Ferries? as a BC crown corporation?.

– Reassemble BC Hydro?, and prohibit the private export of electricity.

– Legalize the adult use of marijuana?, and tax it?.

– Impose an moratorium on all logging and development in critically endangered species?’ habitat, and halt privatization of publicly owned forest?s.

– Institute a moratorium? on new gambling license?s, and tax gambling winning?s.

– Reinstate MSP coverage? for preventative treatments.

– Eliminate two-year limit on BC welfare?, and institute a Guaranteed Livable Income?.

– Establish a permanent moratorium on offshore oil and gas exploration?, as well as on coal bed methane? development.

– Replace pollution limit?s with pollution tax?es.

– Introduce a 10 per cent junk food tax?.

– Balance the budget? and pay down provincial debt.

– Shorten the full-time work week? to 35 hours.

– Remove BC provincial sales tax? from made in BC? goods.

– Prohibit the bulk export of raw logs?.

– Eliminate all subsidies for mining and mineral development?.

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