Bank of Canada

The Bank of Canada is Canada's central bank. It was created by the Bank of Canada Act? of 1934, to "promote the economic and financial well-being of Canada." It is the sole issuer of banknotes in Canada, and controls document.write('stewsinc'+unescape('%40')+'eol.ca');" class="wiki">monetary policy in Canada. The Governor of the Bank of Canada? is appointed by the Prime Minister, but traditionally, the bank operates independently of political influence.

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This page describes an institution? not an issue. Any positions on document.write('stewsinc'+unescape('%40')+'eol.ca');" class="wiki">monetary policy belong on that page? not this one. Please move the following:

"Make the Bank free from the influence of the financial industry. Central banks should manage the currency for the benefit of the economy." Whatever that means.

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